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Self Park and Rock on E. 4th Street

- Saturday, May 23, 2020

Coming to E. 4th Street to visit our restaurants and shops has never been easier.  Self park your car at the 515 Garage and take advantage of a great promotion.    Stay for 2 hours and pay $4.00 plus $.75 or a linger longer for 4 hours and pay $8.80.  Follow the QR code or click here prior to your arrival and enjoy this great rate for downtown parking!  

Working From Home? Create the Ultimate Home Office!

- Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Working From Home? Create the Ultimate Home Office!

Sometimes, in this new and unusual time we all find ourselves in, we have to find ways to adapt to our environment and circumstances in creative ways!  One new environment we are all looking to try and navigate differently is the workplace.  Many of us are getting into all new territory trying to balance the work-from-home life with our normal lives.  Working from home can seem like a break from the norm.  However, adding kids, pets, home-life distractions, and other variables into the mix doesn’t always make for the most productive workday.  Here are some ways to turn your space into the ultimate home office and maximize productivity!

First and foremost, establish the “home office space”.  You may not have an entire extra room you can dedicate to this purpose, so pick a corner or area in your space that feels like it can be just yours.  This could be your reading nook, a corner of your living room that isn’t currently being used, or a space in your kitchen that feels inspiring.  One of the best parts of not being confined to your normal office is that you can get creative and really make it your own!

Try adding some entertainment for your eyes! During the workday, it’s easy to get distracted while working at home.  Instead of immediately jumping onto Facebook or TikTok to get a mental break, try adding some inspiring or sentimental artwork where your eyes drift away from your computer screen! This will be a nice mental break with your thoughts instead of the social media rabbit hole.

If you have kids or pets distracting you, try playing games that get them out of your hair for a few minutes at a time!  For instance, dogs love looking for things.  Give your dog some mental stimulation - and yourself a break - by hiding a handful of their food around your place.  Let them go find it while you squeeze in some productive time and repeat!  If you have a toddler around that is also needing something to do, play a sorting game! Tell them to find everything in your space that is a certain shape or color and bring it to you.  Toddlers are EXPERT sorters.  Once they bring it all back, thank and congratulate them before asking them to put it all back!  This will take them a little more time than finding it did, and it will give you a few minutes.  This is a great hack if you need to sort some laundry as well ;)

Lastly, make your area feel FUN.  Do you work well while listening to music? Gone are the days of putting in your headphones at your desk! Feel free to bring out a speaker or play something out loud.   Do you feel most productive after small breaks? Bring your hand weights over and get some reps in between emails! Might as well get some physical exercise in as well.

Any space can be made into the ultimate home office because it is meant to be YOUR ultimate home office! 

Renovated Windsor Apartments!

- Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Have you ever had a dream of living in a big city, but in a renovated historic apartment, across from a bowling alley/bar, above one of Cleveland’s most well-known destinations, all within walking distance of amazing food, fun, and possibly your office? Look no further than the Windsor Building on East 4th Street!

This building checks every box above and then some.  An urban vibe in a historic building lends a lot of character to the building itself while the location is unbeatable.  Indoor parking is just one of the awesome perks that come with living in this dream apartment community.  You never have to worry about water bills as they are included with the rent, as is trash removal. Your heat is all electric and will be the only bill you have to worry about !  Depending on what size apartment you need, anything from a one bedrooms up to a multi-level with private rooftop patios decks can be found in this unique building.

Some of our renovated apartments will also feature beautiful new cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, in-unit washers and dryers, and a few other great upgrades!  You also get gated/controlled access to the underground parking garage, , high ceilings, and the amazing location.  Imagine walking across the street to the Corner Alley for some dinner, drinks, and bowling with friends only to have your “walk home” be a few feet.  Think about working in the heart of the city and not having to worry about city parking because your car is safely parked back at your apartment just a block or two away.  Retail therapy can be found below your apartment and just a short walk down the alley to CLE Clothing Co.  The Windsor Building is in the heart of everything you need in Cleveland.

Renovated historic buildings, like this one, have so much to offer in terms of location, living style, and community.  A community benefits whenever a building like this is renovated and used for something beneficial rather than torn down.  Cleveland’s character and past can be felt throughout the walls, while every resident can know that they are living in a building that is part of preservation rather than more expansion.

East 4th Street will always be ready for anything.  The Windsor Building is ready for you. 


Virtual Living

- Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Virtual Living!

In this day and age, it’s no longer unusual to work from home, video chat with someone thousands of miles away, or get your groceries delivered right to your door.  These are conveniences we have established over the years to make our lives a little simpler.  However, what if they turn into our only option to accomplish normal, everyday tasks?

Welcome to 2020! This is the year that no one expected.  When what would normally be luxuries or conveniences are now the best options to stay safe and healthy during an unpredictable time.  Thank goodness there are options!

Working from home is one.  Do you suddenly find your normal office has been swapped out for a corner of your apartment that you are squeezing a makeshift desk into?  First off, try moving some of your furniture around.  A dinette table up against a window makes for an excellent desk when needed!  This also gives you an opportunity to get some sunlight while you work.  Platforms like Google Hangouts and Zoom Meetings are also great options for telecommuting.  If your workplace hasn’t already set something up like this, or if you are the head of a business yourself, look into platforms like these for group video chatting.  Office settings can provide a sense that more will get done, but sometimes people can actually be more productive from home!  Without distractions from coworkers, and with the ability to control the environment around you, you can set up a space to feel at your most “zen” and zone in on your work!  Besides, sometimes the comfort of being in your sweatpants really lets your mind concentrate on what it should.

Getting hungry?  Takeout is a great option right now! Look into local restaurants and what partners they may use for delivery.  Some may deliver on their own, while others may pair up with companies like DoorDash, Grubhub, or Uber Eats to make sure their delicious meals get to their paying customers.  If you’re craving Asian cuisine, Great Taste Chinese Restaurant has partnered with Grubhub and will deliver some yummy food right to you!  Does Pizza sound better for the night?  Grubhub will also bring you a delicious pie from Pizza (216) Kitchen + Taphouse.  You’re thinking of some classic bar food? Uber Eats will bring you some Buffalo Wild Wings straight away!  You’ve had enough cooking lately anyways.

Need to get things done that seem impossible?  A lot of businesses are doing their best to bring their services to you.  Doctors are doing virtual appointments when possible, grocery stores are delivering even without delivery partners, and now it’s possible to (virtually) go to other locations when needed!  4th Street Cleveland has many options for touring.  Give us a call or inquire through our website today to set up a tour! We will accommodate you in any way you prefer and make sure you get to “walk through” and see your apartment before you lease!  Speaking of, you can lease all from the comfort of your current home with our simple online leasing.  It’s never been easier to live where you want to live!

Loft Living

- Monday, February 17, 2020

Lofts are a type of apartment.  Loft living is a lifestyle.  Everyone wants to live in a cool, hip loft...but what is it really?

A loft style apartment is typically a large, open space without a lot of internal walls or rooms other than a bathroom.  They used to be most commonly found in old warehouses or storage buildings that were upgraded or converted into apartments, but nowadays lofts are everywhere (and thank goodness)!

Lofts typically have an open feel to them with some more industrial elements such as exposed brick, exposed piping, support beams and poles, etc.  These spaces can be combined into living and work spaces, or they can be used to fit any individual needs!  Lofts have turned into more of a creative living space for anyone that finds themselves wanting to live without walls.  Some apartments also have a lofted space within them almost like an internal balcony.  Either of these types of spaces provide opportunity for imagination in how they are utilized.

One mistake a lot of people make is thinking of a loft as a studio apartment.  The size alone is the main differentiator as loft-style apartments are MUCH bigger!  Other unique elements - such as high ceilings, different levels of flooring to separate rooms, and other architectural elements are things you will see in a loft that you will not necessarily see in a studio.

What would be the benefits of choosing one of these special spaces to live in?  Well, first on the list would be location!!  Unlike other styles of apartments which can be found anywhere, lofts are most typically found in urban areas and bustling cities because of the abundance of building space that is ideal for loft living!  Another great benefit of loft living would be the distinctive buildings they are built in.  Lofts are generally built in older and more historic buildings because of the space, size, and architectural elements that are all especially desirable for building lofts.  This makes a loft very different from your average apartment.

Historic buildings themselves are extremely desirable places to live!  There is an irreplaceable character that these structures have that many modern buildings seem to lack. It’s difficult to replicate the quality of material, construction, and attention to detail that historic buildings possess.   Modern properties are built with efficiency and cost-effectiveness in mind, rather than aesthetics and atmosphere.  These antique materials and construction efforts also make them incredibly durable.  Historic buildings have stood the test of time, and thus, your apartment will be ready for you and many others after you!

Living here gives you an opportunity to feel like you’re learning a history lesson while living within it!  Choosing to live in a building that has been around a long time, rather than a newly built one, helps to maintain the original character and nature of your city.  Picking one of these buildings as your new residence basically makes you a part of larger community preservation.  On the note of preservation, there is nothing more sustainable than choosing to live somewhere that has endured on.  In a day and age where sustainability is something we all need to be more conscious of, making a choice to live the message and be a part of the conversation only helps further our future. 

Luckily, Cleveland is home to many places that fit the bill.  4th Street Cleveland is home to numerous historic buildings, loft style apartments, and creative living opportunities.  Check out the apartments available on 4th Street to get yourself on the path to Loft Living today!

Citizen Pie Roman Cafe - Pizza is coming to E. 4th Street

- Wednesday, February 05, 2020

MRN is excited to be working with Chef V, Claudia, and the Citizen Pie team to rebrand the Erie Island Coffee shop on East 4th street into a Citizen Pie Roman Café!  

Opening in the spring of 2020 in the current location of Erie Island Coffee (2057 E. 4tth Street), this new pizza shop will have the same great quality pizza as the other Citizen Pie locations.  However, the style of pizza will be a bit different than the other stores.  It will be a roman style pizza (hence the name Citizen Pie Roman Café).  Roman style pizza is cooked in a large pan, is a thicker pizza, but is very light and airy.  In addition to great pizza, Citizen Pie Roman Cafe will also partnering with Six Shooter Coffee to provide coffee and espresso beans for our coffee service.  

Check out the article in today's Cleveland Scene: https://m.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2020/02/05/owner-of-citizen-pie-to-open-roman-cafe-in-home-of-erie-island-coffee-on-e-fourth-st

What’s Happening on East 4th Street Tonight?

Jon MRN - Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Title: What’s Happening on East 4th Street Tonight?


Title: What’s Happening on East 4th Street Tonight?


Anyone that lives in Cleveland has gotten the text before.  We all know it.

“East 4th TN?”

Are you ready to go?  Do you know where to go?

East 4th Street in Cleveland is always booming.  What makes this little lane so special to local Clevelanders and visitors alike?  We’re about to break that down for you and give you a look into what’s happening on one of the most vibrant and lively strips in the city!

First, as we all know, it’s all about location, location, and - you guessed it - location!  East 4th Street is located right in the heart of downtown Cleveland between Prospect and Euclid Avenues.   No matter where you are in Cleveland, East 4th is just a short Uber ride or an enjoyable stroll away!  Driving?  Park with ease in our valet zone.  If you visit our restaurants, you’ll get your parking validated down to $8.00.  Once on the street, you will be able to find some of the city’s best restaurants, entertainment, and apartments in this tiny little alleyway.

On that note, let’s talk about restaurants! 

Lola Bistro is one of the main attractions as it is one of Food Network all-star and Iron Chef Michael Symon’s endeavors and it was one of the first locations to take a chance opening on East 4th.  Mike’s been “fixing it with food” for over 10 years on the street, and this little Cleveland passage now frequents hundreds of people a day! 

Flannery’s Irish Pub is another great watering hole on East 4th.  This location has a pub & grub feel with traditional Irish fare.  It’s a casual spot that has been a Downtown Cleveland staple since around 1997.  Their tagline is as welcoming as their atmosphere: “Everyone is Irish when you visit Flannery’s Pub!”

House of Blues is another unforgettable spot that is a must-see.  This location is always thriving with great eats and fantastic entertainment! Whether you’re there to catch a live show, make your way up to the Foundation Room, or just stop in for a drink and a bite, the HOB has everything for a lover of arts, food, and good times.

With all these great eateries and attractions down below, simply look up to see neighborhoods above!  East 4th Street is home to some of the most comfortable and best located apartments in all of Cleveland.  Here you’ll be able to find a cozy dwelling that fits all your needs with loads of activities right down the stairs.  East 4th is a mandatory spot for visiting but imagine calling a place like this home!

Picture this: You wake up to a great view of the city.  You head over to the kitchen to make yourself breakfast but noticed your short some key ingredients.  No worries. You walk downstairs and head over to Heinen’s for one of the most unique and beautiful grocery shopping experiences in the country!  On your way back, take a walk through the Victorian-era historic Cleveland Arcade.  Once you’re finished, you catch a quick work workout at Titan’s Gym before grabbing lunch at Corner Alley with some friends and squeeze in some bowling while you’re there.  You then realize you left something at home, but it’s only a short walk upstairs!  While you’re up there you take a quick nap and get ready for the evening.  The sun sets and it’s time to hit the House of Blues!  You saunter downstairs again and meet a blind date for music, cocktails, and fun!  After some time, you’re feeling sleepy and you’re not ready to spend money or time waiting on an Uber.  Luckily, you don’t have to, as you simply go back upstairs to your homey nest and wait for another day of excitement on East 4th Street.  Sounds too good to be true!

So, it happened again.  You got that text.  It’s the text every Clevelander gets at some point.  “East 4th Street TN?”  Are you ready to go, or are you already there?


Welcome to 2020!

- Monday, January 06, 2020

Welcome to 2020! It's going to be an amazing year in downtown Cleveland! We can't wait to welcome everyone to E. 4th Street!

Announcement: East 4th Street Restaurants To Give Away Over $1000 in Prizing

Jon MRN - Monday, January 06, 2020

One lucky fan of Cleveland will win gift cards and prizes to all of the restaurants on East 4th Street in downtown Cleveland


(For Immediate Release—Monday, January 6, 2020) Cleveland, OH — The restaurants & bars on East 4th Street have teamed up for the Ultimate East 4th Street Experience! As part of the sweepstakes, East 4th Street establishments have all contributed so that one lucky winner can spend their 2020 indulging in all the vibrant neighborhood has to offer. The prizes will give you a front row seat to all the world-class dining and entertainment options, right in the heart of downtown Cleveland.


The sweepstakes launches tomorrow, Tuesday, January 7, 2020 and runs through Sunday, January 12, 2020 ending at 11:59PM. Enter by visiting: https://woorise.com/east4thstreet/experience-e-4th-street