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The NFL Draft is in Cleveland!

- Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Starting Thursday April 29, the NFL Draft will be here in Cleveland! The excitement and energy will be absolutely unmatched — Cleveland is a football town through and through. While the events this year will continue to look a little different than usual, some sense of normalcy is returning with such an exciting event coming to town. The NFL Draft being in Cleveland is a fantastic indicator of how well the city is doing - CLE is the place to be! There will be plenty to do around town this weekend, check out the events below.

The Draft Experience will be taking place from April 29 - May 1. This will be the epicenter of excitement this weekend. The Draft Experience is an interactive football experience that is free to all fans and guests. Take your shot at kicking a field goal at FirstEnergy Stadium or enjoy a beer at the Bud Light Legends bar. Have your kids along? Be sure to check out the NFL Play 60 Zone!

Now, it’s time to watch the Draft. Enjoy the great springtime weather by watching it outside with other NFL fans!  Numerous venues on East 4th Street will be offering outdoor, socially distanced viewings of the Draft. If you work up an appetite, Mall C will have a variety of food trucks to choose from. Wear your favorite Browns gear, bring a blanket or a comfortable chair and sit back and relax and enjoy the show.

While enjoying your time downtown for the Draft, be sure to checkout and support our local small businesses and restaurants! If you’re looking for somewhere to grab a burger  and watch the Draft check out The Corner Alley on E. 4th Street. If you’re not in the mood for typical bar food but still want to catch all the action, stop by Zocolo ir Barrio on Prospect Ave. to grab a few tacos and a margarita. After you grab a bite to eat, stop in at CLE Clothing on Euclid Ave. and grab some unique new Browns merch.

The NFL Draft also brings along three music performances. Grammy-winners Kings of Leon will perform Thursday evening followed by the psychedelic soul group Black Pumas on Friday. Cleveland’s own Machine Gun Kelly will wrap up the festival Saturday after the final pick is made.

Cleveland’s rebirth has been happening for years - and the spotlight continues to shine on our city. With a plethora of restaurants and shops coupled with a unique and vibrant urban living experience Cleveland is truly the place to be.

Food on East 4th Street

- Wednesday, March 17, 2021

   One thing everyone can bond over - whether you’re young, old, tall, short, introverted, or extroverted - is food!  That’s right, food.  It is something we all require to live and whatever your dining choices may be, everyone eats in some form or another!  On the topic of food, cities always have interesting and fun food options as they are wonderful places for independent owners to start businesses.  Chain restaurants are few and far between, so not only are you supporting your local community, but you are getting a dining experience that is completely unique to the location!  Downtown Cleveland is a fantastic area for dining and good eats with East 4th Street being at the center of it all.  Below are some options across multiple genres that surround East 4th!

Is it time for breakfast? Treat yourself to the 1890 at The Arcade! This restaurant sits above the Arcade right over on Superior Ave, a previous mecca for shoppers in the late 1800s/early 1900s that is now a gorgeous - and still shoppable - historical landmark in Cleveland.  Start out your day by picking up a delicious meal from this spot with a view!  Some classic buttermilk pancakes should start your day off right.

Feeling like a small midday bite? Stop by Indie - Opening this Fall! Conveniently located on East 4th, this restaurant is going to be inspired by the love of Indie music and a good time.  If your goal is a chill vibe with some good company then you - and anyone you’re with - are sure to find something you like here.  Options will include sharables and charcuterie-style plates to encourage conversation and trying new things.  We can’t wait for opening day!

Lunchtime? Head on over to Gateway Bar & Grill right on East 4th! Classic pub cuisine such as wings, pierogi, potato skins, flatbreads, and any drink you want can be found here.  This is a great place to catch a midday meal and relax for a minute - by yourself, or with your friends!  If you’re the type to watch a sports game, there is no shortage of TVs for you to view here.  This pitstop will not disappoint as you make your way through your day.

Time for a fancy dinner? Check out the unique experience at Goma, opening this Spring on East 4th!  Make a reservation for you and your friends and head on over for a night you won’t forget.  This restaurant will feature a Nobu-like, elevated dining experience.  Dress up and make a point to celebrate a happy occasion, or simply celebrate yourselves!  Either way, you’ll be sure to have a wonderful time - and wonderful food - at Goma.

The beauty of a city like Cleveland is that there are always endless options to pick from.  Picking a central location to stick around makes it easy, and somewhere like East 4th Street is a great home-base.  In addition to having everything you may be looking for and more, there is also a variety of living options to take advantage of!  Make this posh location your home and make every day as adventurous or laid-back as you choose.  East 4th Street is what you make of it, so call today to learn more about the possibilities!

Almost Springtime in Downtown Cleveland!

- Thursday, February 25, 2021

Although there is still a chill in the air and there are still most likely days of snow ahead, one can’t help but look forward to when the world thaws and we can all get out-and-about a little more.  Springtime is almost here in Downtown Cleveland!  Naturally the colder months make us all stay inside a little more than usual, and this year even more so.  As things thaw, and the city comes back to life, it’s great to get out and remember what you loved to do when it was warmer - even if it isn’t quite warm yet.  So, as we all await the warmth and life that Spring brings, there is one thing we can get excited about now: activities in Downtown Cleveland!

East 4th Street is the beacon of Downtown Cleveland.  With lots to do in such a compact area and a location just a stone’s throw away from other main landmarks of Cleveland, you simply cannot beat it.  As things warm up, here’s an example of a way to spend the day around East 4th Street and Downtown Cleveland:

Start your morning by walking around the corner on Prospect Ave. to CLE Bros Coffee to get your caffeine boost for the day! You’ll want to make sure you’re ready to go as there is always a lot to do.  Your life can look different every day in Downtown Cleveland because there’s always a ton to see and do.  As you sip, take the short walk back to East 4th Street and let the coffee warm you up from the inside out.  As the sun hits your face, you realize you could use a hat or some sunglasses, so you head to Cleveland Clothing Co. to see if there’s anything there to help you out.  After spending some time, and maybe buying a few additional treats for yourself, you get a little hungry.

You text your friends that you’ll meet them with takeout in Cleveland Public Square in 20 minutes and head over into Mabel’s BBQ for some takeout.  After gathering the orders and making sure your food is all packed up, you head on over to the public square to have a refreshing outdoor lunch.  You finish eating and end up talking, and walking, around the square for a bit while window shopping and exploring side streets you don’t normally go down.  You play with the idea of going into the JACK Cleveland Casino, but you all decide that you’d rather grab some dinner soon.  Someone suggests RED the Steakhouse Downtown and possibly a show!

You head down the street to RED the Steakhouse and have a nice dinner with your friends.  You talk about heading over to Hilarities 4th Street Theater to catch some laughs.  As you finish dinner, you head over to the theater and file in for a night of good comedy and good fun.  After a full day in Downtown Cleveland, your friends all head home.  They don’t live on East 4th Street, while you have the convenience of simply heading upstairs after all of this is over - no drive home necessary.

This is just an example of how fun Downtown Cleveland can be as things warm up and we all get a little more active outdoors.  We all look forward to warmer weather and more days spent like this.  For all of your housing needs and questions about living in Downtown Cleveland, call East 4th Street today!

Setting Goals and Moving Forward in 2021

- Friday, January 29, 2021

    It’s finally here - welcome to 2021!  Whether you’re still celebrating, reflecting, or looking forward to a fresh new year, a lot of us are out there wondering: what’s next?  The beginning of a new year is a time to reset, reflect and recharge.  However, sometimes once that transition actually happens, it can feel like it’s back to business as usual.  There are ways to break up this rut, such as delving into a project or learning something new, to make sure that you feel fulfilled and pushed to your full potential.  Here are some ways to move into the new year with confidence, direction, and motivation to take on 2021 with everything you’ve got!

Embrace a new hobby!  Ever think that maybe you’re spending too much time binge watching the newest Netflix series? Or maybe you see people getting creative on social media and you’re feeling the same itch yourself? Try looking into a new hobby to begin in 2021!  Flexing creative muscles does wonders for the mind and will make you feel good all-around.  If you’re good with your hands and artistic in any way, pick up some polymer clay and make some handmade decor for around your house!  Have a passion for woodworking but don’t have the space for a woodshop? Pick up a wood-burning tool at a craft store and try your hand at burning designs into pre-made furniture or your past projects to give your woodwork that extra oomph! Last but not least, if your hands need to be busy and repetitive movement is relaxing to you, crocheting or knitting will give you both something to do and possibly something to wear.  Whatever you decide to do, pick up something new and creative to do in 2021!

Learn something new and fulfilling!  If you’re feeling stuck in more ways than just creatively, maybe it’s just time to learn something new!  A lot of us are out of school and haven’t been actively learning for a long time.  For those of us currently in school, sometimes learning the course material can feel like a chore and can make you want to learn something just for yourself.  If you feel like you’re ready to pick up something new to learn, look into something that challenges you!  Immersing yourself in something new can help build professional or personal skills and make you feel more purposeful in your everyday life.  Try taking up a new language, seek out a piano teacher that teaches zoom-friendly classes, or even try your hand at coding!  Nothing is too big or small, and any skill you add to your repertoire makes you more well-rounded.  2021 may just be the perfect time to learn something new!

Make a BIG move!  With the fluidity of today’s world, there has never been a better time to look into a new place to live!  With 2021 comes new ways of looking at jobs, living situations, and travel.  Have you always wanted to move to the city? Now is the best time!  As we all embrace new places to work, new schedules, and shifting expectations, why not embrace a new city and a new apartment?  In a time where many of us are transforming corners of our living rooms into ‘office space’, maybe take a look instead at apartments with open layouts, extra bedrooms, and big windows.  This allows for the opportunity to start fresh in a new space with new intentions!  No longer will your spare corner be your office - you can plan to have an office!  Big windows will help with a great view on those days where you need a mental break.  With the new year comes new opportunities - make sure you’re not letting it pass you by!

Contact us at East 4th Street today for information on our community and apartments. We are here to help you find the perfect place to live in 2021 and beyond - call today!

Ways to Support Your Favorite Small/Local Businesses

- Tuesday, December 01, 2020

As we embrace the holiday season, and we are fresh off of Small Business Saturday, now seems like a great time to talk about something very important.  Small businesses and local businesses are not only wonderful sources for quality gifts and services, but they are an opportunity to support our communities and neighbors! If this gift-giving season is feeling very different this year, one way to make your dollar’s impact go a little further is to shop small.  If gifting isn’t your thing and you’d rather show support in other ways around this season of thanks and reflection, there are plenty of ways to do that too.  Read along, and learn how!

Get social!  Are you a borderline social media influencer? Or maybe you have a lot of friends on social media who would trust your opinion? Take to your platforms and share things from your favorite small/local businesses!  Share a post, tag a friend, comment something encouraging, or just like what they share.  Social media is a huge part of how businesses - especially small ones - interact with the market and what better time than the holidays to show support where you can?

Post a review!  Google and other platforms allow for businesses to be reviewed by the public.  No publicity is better than kind words from someone who actually had a positive experience with a business!  Taking the time to post something detailed and thoughtful can not only make a business owner’s day, but it will possibly be the deciding factor for a potential buyer to use that business in the future.  Words matter!

Buy a gift card!  Do you love what a local business has to offer, but maybe you aren’t sure exactly what someone else would love about that same business? Or maybe you’re ready to support a small business but they are out of stock of something you like temporarily? Buy a gift card to give to someone with particular taste or to make sure you come back to that business later!

Reconsider your own list!  Did you make a wish list this year? Maybe there are some items you could get from a small or local business instead! Do a little research to see what awesome substitutes you may find.  You may also receive an item that is higher quality or more personal to you.  It’s a win-win!

Breathe and stay strong!  Are you running a small business?  Current times have forced some creativity and some to run a full time business from their apartments!  Make sure to let others know what you need.  Tell your friends that stamps would be a great gift this year instead of something in a bottle.  Ask loved ones and friends for their support in some of the ways above.  As we all find time to work, play, and live in our homes through holidays, make your home office (or spare bedroom) a space of tranquility and peace as much as possible!

For wonderful apartments - with great spaces should you need some extra room - call East 4th Street today.  We’re eager to help you find a place to live, and possibly work as well, on the best street in Cleveland!

Prepping for the Holidays in the City!

- Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Prepping for the Holidays in the City!

Holidays in the city are coming up!  Downtown Cleveland and East 4th Street are places that are normally jam-packed with people during the holiday season.  This year may look a little different.  To keep everyone safe, while also trying to celebrate the coziest season of them all, we’ve put together this list of things to do to help prepare for holidays in the city: 2020 edition!

Prepare single-serving foods!  If you’re having healthy circles of friends or family over to share a meal, consider making something that doesn’t have a shared serving spoon.  Sliders, sandwiches, pre-plated baskets of finger food, and individual pot pies are great options for an entree! This ensures that your guests get a hearty meal without having to move around the room too much or touch the same utensil as everyone else.  Biodegradable, disposable flatware is also a must for keeping everything sanitary and making cleanup a cinch!  For snacks, providing a scoop or individually measured cups is a great way to keep things hands-free.  For dessert, there’s nothing better than a slice of pie except your own individual pie!  Meals like this may seem more distant than usual, but finding ways to come together through food is always a fun way to enjoy the holidays.

Schedule simultaneous mini parties!  Are you missing the atmosphere of a huge family gathered around a packed kitchen and competing for seating space?  Try having multiple mini parties!  Gather a couple members of your group and schedule a time to celebrate at the same time as another small segment as your group.  Divide the party up, but keep it going together by connecting virtually!  Games can still be played with teams, stories can still be shared, and best of all is the feeling of having friends and family around...even if you have to get creative!

Plan outdoor holiday celebration activities!  Nothing fits the holiday season better than a warm cup of cider or hot cocoa and a walk to see the scenery!  Whether you’re taking in the leaves, looking at Christmas lights, or just looking for something to do outside of the house, a good walk with a warm cup is always fun to do solo or with friends.  So bundle up, pour yourself something steamy, and get some steps in during the holidays!

No matter how you choose to celebrate the holidays, Downtown Cleveland and East 4th Street always have plenty of options. Take a stroll down city streets today to find something to do, or call East 4th Street today to see what it’s like to live here all year!

Fall Restaurant Week in Downtown Cleveland!

- Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Fall Restaurant Week is something everyone can get behind - fun, food, and fall!  Every year, restaurants put their best feet forward and prepare a menu and specials to share with their local patrons in celebration of the awesome talent in their kitchens.  What better place to celebrate local fare and support the community than East 4th Street, Cleveland!  This particular year, this event will be helping to promote and uplift many of Downtown Cleveland’s businesses when they truly need it most.  Read on to learn more about what restaurant week is and why you should check it out!

This year, from September 28th through October 4th, Downtown Cleveland will be buzzing with new restaurants to explore, old favorites ready to serve you another day, and people ready to eat!  Should you come in with an appetite, all restaurants participating are taking precautions to provide a clean committed dingin experience so everyone can safely and fully enjoy everything Restaurant Week has to offer.

There are so many ways to enjoy an event like this throughout more of Cleveland as well!  Make plans with friends to take a Downtown Trolley or scooter if the weather is nice.  Add on to the experience by making reservations for a rooftop deck or even check out an outdoor eating option in Public Square.  Try bookending a trip to the museum with appetizers and a little dessert.  There is no shortage of options when it comes to all that eateries have to offer on Restaurant Week!

Looking for something fast and casual?  Butcher and the Brewer has great options for even the pickiest of eaters with a fun and casual atmosphere.  In need of some energy and maybe a little more fun?  Hofbrauhaus Cleveland is never short on good times and good eats!  Does something more leisurely and sophisticated sound good?  Blue Point Grille is sure to satisfy and delight with exceptional food and service.  No matter what group you’re rolling with, where you might be headed, or what the palates prefer, there are great choices for all.  East 4th Street Cleveland is always a great starting or meetup point.  As an added bonus: some of the best food and drinks can be found on this little alley or nearby as well!

At a time when local businesses could use some community support - and the community could use more good times and good food - get out and experience Fall Restaurant Week with friends and family.  Whether coming by in-person, grabbing some take-out, or having delivery come to you, Downtown Cleveland Fall Restaurant Week is here to please!!

Best Places in Downtown Cleveland to Get a Workout

- Monday, August 24, 2020

Best Places in Downtown Cleveland to Get a Workout

If you’re itching to get out of your apartment, and you’re feeling particularly motivated to get out and get moving, you may be feeling like you need to get a workout in!  Especially right now, everyone could use some extra endorphins and some extra healthy habits in their lives.  As we all know, “working out” is just another way of saying to exercise in a way you enjoy for your health.  The beauty of a work out is it can be done anywhere in any way you like!  Let’s explore some excellent spots for a workout in Downtown Cleveland and around East 4th Street.

Alpha Legends Gym and Fitness Center - This space is meant for anyone that needs an area to workout!  A gym for anyone that wants one is easy to find in Alpha Legends in Downtown CLE.  This location also offers tanning if that’s something you’re looking for!  It’s always great to get everything done in one place.

Rise Nation - This unique style of workout involves workout machinery and a class that shows you how to climb to new heights!  If you’re looking to get your heat pumping, this class is sure to be one that will do the trick.  With three different levels, there is something for everyone at this Euclid Avenue location.

Reform Physical Therapy and Pilates - If you’re looking for a more rounded approach to fitness and wellness, look no further than Reform Physical Therapy and Pilates.  Physical therapy can be beneficial to anyone looking to improve their range of motion, increase strength safely, and keep their body in tip-top shape at all times.  Pilates is a form of fitness involving low-impact strength, endurance, and flexibility exercises.  Both together will help round out any fitness regimen and this Prospect Avenue location is a great place to start!

Yoga Strong - If being well rounded - body, mind, and soul - is your goal, you may want to check out yoga!  Yoga Strong on Prospect Avenue is a studio that you can go to begin or continue your journey with yoga.  Yoga truly is a journey for anyone that tries it out or makes it a part of their everyday routine.  This Cleveland location also houses a Barre Fly house!  Barre Fly is a form of exercise involving suspending yourself on long pieces of fabric hanging from the ceiling and doing ballet-based exercise moves.  What a fun and exciting way to get moving!

Voinovich Bicentennial Park - Whether practicing yoga at sunrise, doing a quick cardio circuit, or jogging around Downtown Cleveland, Voinovich Bicentennial Park is a great place to squeeze in an outdoor, waterfront workout!  Stop by this scenic spot for views of Cleveland and Lake Erie while you get your sweat on!

Where You Live - What better than to live somewhere with a home gym? Whether you live in a house or an apartment, having a private space that’s virtually just for you is a wonderful convenience.  In Downtown Cleveland, East 4th Street Apartments have great options - maybe even an indoor space for you to workout in store!

Cleveland is Coming Back to Life - Time for some Downtown Living!

- Tuesday, July 21, 2020

As we all know, the last few months have presented themselves to be a very unique time.  This has been a time of rest, change, connection, realization, and concern.  Everyone has collectively been either waiting or helping to end this time.  Many found themselves working from home - or unfortunately not working at all - and having to adapt to new schedules, new expectations, and new surroundings.  Some have been continuously working hard to ensure the rest of us can have a safe and secure time in waiting.  Overall, it’s a period where you may find yourself thinking, “When will all this end?”

Well, it may not be over, but there is light at the end of the tunnel!  Life is slowly coming back to Cleveland and many other places around the globe.  There are less restrictions, less limits, and more opportunities to celebrate this time in all our lives.  Where’s the best place to do some of that celebrating? Downtown Cleveland is the place to go!

People choose to play, work, and live downtown for a number of reasons.  There is a vibrant scene of culture, unique and exciting businesses, and experiences to be had!  There is SO MUCH MORE to the downtown Cleveland area than just restaurants and dining out - although that is a great benefit!  Anyone that enjoys a run or jog would appreciate the running routes past the lake, over the bridge, and throughout the open spaces.  The Public Square and the Mall are both open areas as well for people to get out and stretch their legs and minds.

If the restaurant scene is more of what you’re there for - while things are still opening up - many downtown restaurants are still offering takeout and delivery options!  You can still get your favorite meals in your favorite areas.  A picnic is a great way to enjoy some local cuisine while staying safe.

You know the best part of working from home?  No commute!  What’s better than living where you can work?  A spare bedroom or fitness space in your apartment can double as - or transition to - a home office if needed!  Check out our blog on creating the ultimate home office to get some tips and tricks for your perfect workspace. 

Get a change of scenery! Were you looking to make some changes in your life before the world stopped turning? Moving is able to be done safely right now and the weather is perfect for carrying boxes!  With everything else, touring of places like homes and apartments became more creative during the past few months.  There are more ways than ever to see the perfect place, make a decision, and make a change!

There are many great things to do now that the world is starting to find its new normal.  Make sure you continue to be safe, respectful of others, and enjoy yourself as much as you can.

Lastly, what better place to be when things open up than one of the coolest places in Cleveland? Check out openings on East 4th Street today and come back to reality with a bang!

To Our Cleveland Community - In Response to Recent Events

- Friday, June 05, 2020

To our Cleveland Community,

We are saddened by the senseless death of George Floyd and so many others before him. We cannot begin to understand the pain, anguish and hopelessness that these events bring up and all too often. We have such great respect for those who do their civic duty by voicing these emotions, particularly their anger, publicly.

For the past 20 years we’ve been working to build a diverse and community driven neighborhood in the heart of the city of Cleveland. We’ve housed residents of diverse backgrounds, employed hundreds of Clevelanders and tried to inject new life into what not long ago was a forgotten alley in the city.

The destruction of this past weekend is born of pain. It is understandable in this often unforgiving society we live in. As residents and developers of the city of Cleveland we vow to redouble our efforts to continue to build community, create jobs, and most importantly listen to one another.  We hope that these actions help drive the change our society desperately needs. 

Lastly, a special note of thanks to all those who came out to help clean up on Sunday morning. Your efforts were invaluable and you reminded us of the greatness of this city and why we do what we do.


Ari and Jori Maron

Owners, East 4th Street

Photo by David Petkiewicz, cleveland.com