Ways to Support Your Favorite Small/Local Businesses

- Tuesday, December 01, 2020

As we embrace the holiday season, and we are fresh off of Small Business Saturday, now seems like a great time to talk about something very important.  Small businesses and local businesses are not only wonderful sources for quality gifts and services, but they are an opportunity to support our communities and neighbors! If this gift-giving season is feeling very different this year, one way to make your dollar’s impact go a little further is to shop small.  If gifting isn’t your thing and you’d rather show support in other ways around this season of thanks and reflection, there are plenty of ways to do that too.  Read along, and learn how!

Get social!  Are you a borderline social media influencer? Or maybe you have a lot of friends on social media who would trust your opinion? Take to your platforms and share things from your favorite small/local businesses!  Share a post, tag a friend, comment something encouraging, or just like what they share.  Social media is a huge part of how businesses - especially small ones - interact with the market and what better time than the holidays to show support where you can?

Post a review!  Google and other platforms allow for businesses to be reviewed by the public.  No publicity is better than kind words from someone who actually had a positive experience with a business!  Taking the time to post something detailed and thoughtful can not only make a business owner’s day, but it will possibly be the deciding factor for a potential buyer to use that business in the future.  Words matter!

Buy a gift card!  Do you love what a local business has to offer, but maybe you aren’t sure exactly what someone else would love about that same business? Or maybe you’re ready to support a small business but they are out of stock of something you like temporarily? Buy a gift card to give to someone with particular taste or to make sure you come back to that business later!

Reconsider your own list!  Did you make a wish list this year? Maybe there are some items you could get from a small or local business instead! Do a little research to see what awesome substitutes you may find.  You may also receive an item that is higher quality or more personal to you.  It’s a win-win!

Breathe and stay strong!  Are you running a small business?  Current times have forced some creativity and some to run a full time business from their apartments!  Make sure to let others know what you need.  Tell your friends that stamps would be a great gift this year instead of something in a bottle.  Ask loved ones and friends for their support in some of the ways above.  As we all find time to work, play, and live in our homes through holidays, make your home office (or spare bedroom) a space of tranquility and peace as much as possible!

For wonderful apartments - with great spaces should you need some extra room - call East 4th Street today.  We’re eager to help you find a place to live, and possibly work as well, on the best street in Cleveland!

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