Citizen Pie Roman Cafe

Our Roman ‘inspired’ Pizza al Taglio [pitsa / al / tà-li-oh] translates to “pizza by the slice” and is baked using rectangular pans in specially designed Italian ovens.

Using the highest quality non gmo flour made in small batches and milled fresh, this pizza uses a 96 hour fermentation and high hydration dough producing a low gluten crust that is light and airy with a crispy bottom.

Like on all of our pizzas we use the best available local and imported toppings… fresh and aged cheeses, seasonal produce, as well as fresh and cured meats.

We are very happy to bring a slice of Rome to Cleveland Just order your slice, it will take a minute to reheat in the oven, then grab and go. Or sit down and enjoy with a glass of wine, craft beer, or a nitro coffee on tap. We have partnered with Six Shooter and will be serving their beans exclusively.

Whole pizzas are available by advance order for a perfect lunch at your office, or an impromptu dinner party in your home. This style of pizza reheats beautifully and travels well. Order one slice or mix and match a whole pie! A dozen varieties for everyone!

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