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Loft Living

- Monday, February 17, 2020

Lofts are a type of apartment.  Loft living is a lifestyle.  Everyone wants to live in a cool, hip loft...but what is it really?

A loft style apartment is typically a large, open space without a lot of internal walls or rooms other than a bathroom.  They used to be most commonly found in old warehouses or storage buildings that were upgraded or converted into apartments, but nowadays lofts are everywhere (and thank goodness)!

Lofts typically have an open feel to them with some more industrial elements such as exposed brick, exposed piping, support beams and poles, etc.  These spaces can be combined into living and work spaces, or they can be used to fit any individual needs!  Lofts have turned into more of a creative living space for anyone that finds themselves wanting to live without walls.  Some apartments also have a lofted space within them almost like an internal balcony.  Either of these types of spaces provide opportunity for imagination in how they are utilized.

One mistake a lot of people make is thinking of a loft as a studio apartment.  The size alone is the main differentiator as loft-style apartments are MUCH bigger!  Other unique elements - such as high ceilings, different levels of flooring to separate rooms, and other architectural elements are things you will see in a loft that you will not necessarily see in a studio.

What would be the benefits of choosing one of these special spaces to live in?  Well, first on the list would be location!!  Unlike other styles of apartments which can be found anywhere, lofts are most typically found in urban areas and bustling cities because of the abundance of building space that is ideal for loft living!  Another great benefit of loft living would be the distinctive buildings they are built in.  Lofts are generally built in older and more historic buildings because of the space, size, and architectural elements that are all especially desirable for building lofts.  This makes a loft very different from your average apartment.

Historic buildings themselves are extremely desirable places to live!  There is an irreplaceable character that these structures have that many modern buildings seem to lack. It’s difficult to replicate the quality of material, construction, and attention to detail that historic buildings possess.   Modern properties are built with efficiency and cost-effectiveness in mind, rather than aesthetics and atmosphere.  These antique materials and construction efforts also make them incredibly durable.  Historic buildings have stood the test of time, and thus, your apartment will be ready for you and many others after you!

Living here gives you an opportunity to feel like you’re learning a history lesson while living within it!  Choosing to live in a building that has been around a long time, rather than a newly built one, helps to maintain the original character and nature of your city.  Picking one of these buildings as your new residence basically makes you a part of larger community preservation.  On the note of preservation, there is nothing more sustainable than choosing to live somewhere that has endured on.  In a day and age where sustainability is something we all need to be more conscious of, making a choice to live the message and be a part of the conversation only helps further our future. 

Luckily, Cleveland is home to many places that fit the bill.  4th Street Cleveland is home to numerous historic buildings, loft style apartments, and creative living opportunities.  Check out the apartments available on 4th Street to get yourself on the path to Loft Living today!

Citizen Pie Roman Cafe - Pizza is coming to E. 4th Street

- Wednesday, February 05, 2020

MRN is excited to be working with Chef V, Claudia, and the Citizen Pie team to rebrand the Erie Island Coffee shop on East 4th street into a Citizen Pie Roman Café!  

Opening in the spring of 2020 in the current location of Erie Island Coffee (2057 E. 4tth Street), this new pizza shop will have the same great quality pizza as the other Citizen Pie locations.  However, the style of pizza will be a bit different than the other stores.  It will be a roman style pizza (hence the name Citizen Pie Roman Café).  Roman style pizza is cooked in a large pan, is a thicker pizza, but is very light and airy.  In addition to great pizza, Citizen Pie Roman Cafe will also partnering with Six Shooter Coffee to provide coffee and espresso beans for our coffee service.  

Check out the article in today's Cleveland Scene: https://m.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2020/02/05/owner-of-citizen-pie-to-open-roman-cafe-in-home-of-erie-island-coffee-on-e-fourth-st