Prepping for the Holidays in the City!

- Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Prepping for the Holidays in the City!

Holidays in the city are coming up!  Downtown Cleveland and East 4th Street are places that are normally jam-packed with people during the holiday season.  This year may look a little different.  To keep everyone safe, while also trying to celebrate the coziest season of them all, we’ve put together this list of things to do to help prepare for holidays in the city: 2020 edition!

Prepare single-serving foods!  If you’re having healthy circles of friends or family over to share a meal, consider making something that doesn’t have a shared serving spoon.  Sliders, sandwiches, pre-plated baskets of finger food, and individual pot pies are great options for an entree! This ensures that your guests get a hearty meal without having to move around the room too much or touch the same utensil as everyone else.  Biodegradable, disposable flatware is also a must for keeping everything sanitary and making cleanup a cinch!  For snacks, providing a scoop or individually measured cups is a great way to keep things hands-free.  For dessert, there’s nothing better than a slice of pie except your own individual pie!  Meals like this may seem more distant than usual, but finding ways to come together through food is always a fun way to enjoy the holidays.

Schedule simultaneous mini parties!  Are you missing the atmosphere of a huge family gathered around a packed kitchen and competing for seating space?  Try having multiple mini parties!  Gather a couple members of your group and schedule a time to celebrate at the same time as another small segment as your group.  Divide the party up, but keep it going together by connecting virtually!  Games can still be played with teams, stories can still be shared, and best of all is the feeling of having friends and family around...even if you have to get creative!

Plan outdoor holiday celebration activities!  Nothing fits the holiday season better than a warm cup of cider or hot cocoa and a walk to see the scenery!  Whether you’re taking in the leaves, looking at Christmas lights, or just looking for something to do outside of the house, a good walk with a warm cup is always fun to do solo or with friends.  So bundle up, pour yourself something steamy, and get some steps in during the holidays!

No matter how you choose to celebrate the holidays, Downtown Cleveland and East 4th Street always have plenty of options. Take a stroll down city streets today to find something to do, or call East 4th Street today to see what it’s like to live here all year!

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